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Unfinished Oak Bookcases

We suggest an honest oak unfinished bookcase for a warm, classic look in any style room.

Why Unfinished Oak Bookcases?


With two basic varieties—red and white—oak is one of the most common hardwoods in America. White oak used to be the most common boat-building lumber because it is waterproof and it is also the stronger variety. Red oak was used for railroad ties and wagon wheels in the old days. Both have attractive grain although white oak obviously has the lighter color. Unfinished oak bookcases are made mainly of the red oak because of its traditional character but pieces made of white oak are also available for those who want the lighter color or who want to apply their own custom finishes and stain in order to match or complement surrounding decor.  In either case, you will be owning a piece of Americana because few things are as common, specially in an office setting, as a solid oak bookcase.  The fact that they have been popular for generations is borne out by the sheer number of well-preserved antique oak bookcases that are still being used.


Oak bookcases are durable and heavy with very attractive grain. They are usually much more rugged than bookcases made from other hardwoods. In environments where you expect a lot of wear and tear, think oak because it can’t be dented or scratched easily.  This quality made oak the wood of choice for the popular barrister bookcases that called for ruggedness along with traditional good looks.  Like unfinished pine bookcases, oak pieces take very well to stains and clear coats. And like pine, it also has a very wide appeal and popularity.  Unfinished oak bookshelves are typically available in light, medium or dark woods so they will easily fit into any situation. With the right finish, they make very attractive decorative pieces of furniture.


Oak Bookcase Buying Tips

Since oak furniture can be more expensive, the more affordable pieces may come with only an oak veneer rather than solid oak wood. The veneer adds the attractive appearance of oak by covering less expensive and attractive material. You could, for example, find oak veneer glued to pine furniture or even particleboard.  The end result is no less a functional, solid and attractive piece of furniture but you should make a choice depending on your particular needs. Make sure that all components fit properly.


Being a hardwood, oak bookcases tend to cost more than those made from other softer woods as already mentioned but it is for exactly this reason that they are an excellent choice to buy unfinished. Not only will you save money but you will acquire real quality and be able to impart exactly the look that you want. Like most other finishing jobs, sanding and staining a solid oak bookcase won’t take longer than one weekend to complete but it will make for a very satisfying project and produce a piece of furniture that you and your family will be proud of.



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